Developers Set Up Environment for Android Application Development Projects : How Do They Do It?

29/10/2014 11:17

 Hire Android developers India may find the development job a bit challenging, but the fact is that anyone can learn it. Generally, programmers need to learn special skills which are required for app development and for this; they have to learn setting up environment for android application development on their desktop with all vital tools required to get started. Trust on the expert’s words- it is not a tough job as other claim! Guidelines to set up an environment for developing android app:                                                                 

1.     Download and install EIDE (Eclipse Integrated Development Environment) from Eclipse’ official site. Don’t skip any of the development tools and resources that are intended by officials to develop android app on Eclipse- it is developer-friendly environment.

2.    Download and install new version of JDK from Oracle’s official website to avoid any broken links. The installation instructions are shared by site owners there; you can take help from it.

3.    Once you are done with JDK installation, start downloading and installing Android software development kit into the Eclipse IDE. You need to install android developer tools plugin by Selecting and installing new software. You need to enter the plugin name and then press OK tab to install the development tool.

4.    You have to create new project every time when you develop an android app. And for each project, you need to fill out every detail of the app. You can develop and design user-friendly layouts for your android app UI using XML files.
5.    You can add app version details in their Manifest files.
6.    Run and test your developed app on android devices.

7.    Sign and publish your app in the market.

8.    Sign up for a developer account to release your application across the market.

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